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Flooring Services

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Rhode Island & Massachusetts Flooring Services

As experienced flooring contractors in Massachusetts and Rhode Island, we know how overwhelming it can be to find the right team for your hardwood, vinyl or laminate installation. Powerhouse Improvements is here to make sure the job gets done right and that you love the results. Our team of Massachusetts and Rhode Island flooring have more than 10 years of experience in the general contracting industry.

By adding a new floor to your living space, you are improving its overall look. Whether it’s in your kitchen, your dining room or your bathroom floor, the flooring in a room should meet all your needs. Powerhouse Improvements is committed to excellent customer service — we offer a price-match guarantee for all our services. Our team of Massachusetts and Rhode Island flooring contractors provide just about every kind of flooring installation except for carpeting.

Choose From a Wide Variety of Flooring for Your Home

Hardwood Flooring adds substantial value to your home. Not to mention, it is beautiful and can easily be stripped of its imperfections with sanding and refinishing. Unfortunately, hardwood tends to be more expensive depending on the tree type, and it is more likely to get scratched and show the years of wear.

Laminate Flooring is made from composite wood with an image of hardwood placed over the top, so not only are the materials cheaper, the installation is usually also less expensive. While it is more durable, laminate is not as visually pleasing and is not as easy to repair.

Vinyl Flooring has become more affordable over the years as its design and durability has improved. In many rooms of your home, it can be cost-effective and a relatively hassle-free flooring option. Vinyl is also available in planks or tiles, so it is easier to repair an affected area without having to replace the entire floor.

Tile Flooring has an ageless appeal, a bit like hardwood. While its installation does require maintenance, it has a lower price tag. Tile is durable, water-resistant and will last a long time, though it can lose its value without routine upkeep.

When you are ready to explore your options for a Massachusetts or Rhode Island flooring contractor, Powerhouse Improvements has the right team of professionals for the job.

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